Cyber Hunter: An amazing run-and-gun shooter game.


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Jun 8, 2023

Cyber Hunter: Shooting Squad GAME

If you are a fan of shooting games and enjoy intense gun battles with
powerful weapons, then this game is perfect for you.

Cyber Hunter: Shooting Squad is an exhilarating futuristic mobile game that thrusts players into a high-tech world filled with intense battles, stunning visuals, and immersive gameplay. The game combines elements of shooting, survival, exploration, and strategy to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience for players.
In this game, you play as a skillful gunman with a powerful weapon. Your mission is to defeat evil monsters and take on challenging missions to become a superhero. The monsters get stronger as you progress, posing a great danger to humanity if your hero doesn't level up.
+ Experience various tough battle missions that will test the courage of every soldier.
+ Choose variety of weapons with tremendous destructive power.
+ The shooting mechanics are easy to control. You just need to move the gunman and aim to shoot the enemy.
+ Fight against hundreds of different types of monsters. Are you brave enough to accept this challenge?
+ Especially, you can play offline without internet.
+ Use the movement controls to help your super soldier dodge enemy attacks
+ Tap the jump button to evade obstacles along the way
+ Defeating enemies earns coins and gems, which can be used to upgrade your Hero's strength
+ Gather puzzle pieces to unveil new super Heroes. With a complete metal squad, your team will become immensely powerful.
+ Engage in daily quests and events to unlock various items in this side-scrolling action game.

Now is the moment for you to battle as an authentic super soldier!
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