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NameCyberYodha APK
Version0.02 (2)
UpdatedFeb 01, 2019
DeveloperCY Support
CategoryApps, Social

Cyber Yodha app

Cyber Yodha is a mobile app that connects the politicians.

Cyber Yodha is a mobile app that connects the political party senior leadership with the party workers at the booth level. It has dual purpose of sharing party decisions and information like measures and policy decisions etc. with the party workers as well as collection of data by the booth workers and provision of the data to the leadership in real time.

The users of Cyber Yodha app shall be:
• Party Leadership (National and State)
• Party State organization (State, Zone, District, Region, IT team)
• Booth Samiti Workers (at booth level)

The following is the description of Cyber Yodha app features:
• Sharing of information
• Party Leadership can send posts to the app users which can be shared by the users on various social media platforms e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter
• Collection of data from field
• Party Leadership can design and send surveys to the mobile app users (party workers) who can get the surveys conducted at the booth level and send the results back to the leadership
• Communication across party organization
• Leadership (national and state) can see the entire party structure in a typical organization chart format and also connect instantly with any of the party workers
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