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Jul 14, 2017

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Daddy Finger Family Song & Games APP

Daddy Finger Family Song & Games is a fun children's sing-along interactive app your child will not be able to put down! Featuring the classic Daddy Finger family song with 33 different finger families, 8 educational mini-games, finger family song lyrics, and an interactive finger maker that enables your child to create their own finger family!


>> NO ADS!
- We promise you there are NO 3rd party advertisements in this app! :)

- Huge variety of daddy finger family characters such as Hero, Robot, Cowboy, Horse, Royal, Ice Cream, Astronaut, Koala Bear, Elephant, Dinosaur, Bear, Monkey, Tiger, Owl, Cat, Rabbit, Monster, and more! Sing along with all these fun characters to this famous nursery rhyme that your kids love! Full lyrics are included so you and your children can sing along.

- We even added a lot of country-specific finger families wearing clothes representing their country such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Mexican, Spanish, Spanish, Jamaican, British, Indian, African, and more!

>> 8 MINI-GAMES (some unlocked, rest are unlocked via IAP)

- Interactive Daddy Finger Family Maker -> This is one of the most popular mini-games of this app. Your child will be able to create their own Daddy Finger Family song and rhymes by choosing who they want for each member of the family. This is how it works. First they choose one character from all the daddy characters from all 33 finger families and slide the character to the thumb position. Next they choose the mommy finger character and slide her to the next finger. Next they choose the brother, then they choose the sister, and finally the baby character they want. Once they are done building their finger family, they simply press the PLAY button and the Daddy Finger song starts playing with full lyrics so they can sing along!

- Puzzle Game -> Interactive puzzles to stimulate your kids solving problem skills. Your child simply drags the puzzle pieces to the character on the screen. They can select from a huge variety of different finger family characters.

- Coloring Book -> Your child will love this! Now they can color their favorite character!

- Missing Numbers -> In this fun educational game, your child has to guess which number is missing. This is a great game for a toddler or pre-school boy and girl who is learning about numbers and counting.

- Memory Game -> In this game, your child practices their memory skills by trying to remember where each daddy finger character is. They simply tap on the block to show the character, then they tap on the other block with the same character.

- Numbers Game -> This fun educational number game will show a hand with a certain number of fingers, and your child has to count the number of fingers and pick the correct answer. Another fantastic game to teach counting and numbers to your toddler and pre-school boy or girl.

- Moving Puzzle -> This game works by having to quickly tap and then move the correct puzzle piece to the Daddy Finger family character shown on the screen.

- Guessing Game -> In this mini game, your has to guess who the characters are. For example, if an elephant is shown in the mommy finger position, then they have to tap the 'mommy' block that is shown.

There you go! If your child loves the Daddy Finger family song nursery rhymes, then they will absolutely love this app! Not only will they be able to sing along with all their favorite finger family characters, but they will get play a variety of educational games that will teach them about numbers, counting, and unlock their creativity! Have fun! :)
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