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Sometimes we all wish to know what happens inside our pet’s mind, what are they thinking, what do they
feel. If you ever wonder what could your pet tell you, if it could speak – we have a solution for you.

Explore your pet’s inner world with our pet’s horoscope.
Fully free application, shows you how stars influence life, mood, behavior and even personality of your

Our horoscope specializes on both cats and dogs, but has different stars decryption for each, because they
are totally different animals with their own pros and cons.
Both dog’s horoscope and cat’s horoscope are build upon transcription of the stars placement and
alignment and sun signs identities.

The sun is the main animal fortune teller, influencing their life as much as stars and zodiac signs influence
people’s lifes.

To acknowledge your dog’s identity you need to know the sun’s will, sun’s placement in horoscope’s
chart highly affects it’s life patterns and basic needs.
But don’t think that star doesn’t play a role in your pet’s future. Especially for dogs.

Being so close to us, our furry friends, closest to us out of all other animals, dogs get affected by our own
and their stars placement on the sky. Human and animal stars almost converge together, so it is important
to know how they influence not only us and them separately, but our human/animal bond.
Acknowledging cat’s identity is harder. Free of all boundaries, independent, sometimes sassy, daring,
sometimes comforting and gentle, cats never stay the same, they hide their real intentions in the shadows.
But when sun comes out, it shines over cat’s mysteries, allowing us to explore their decision making
process and future.

In the night – shining stars are our torch, guiding us through cat’s ever changing kingdom.
Choose our horoscope and found your pets destiny for yourself.

Email: alotoftraff@gmail.com

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