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Daily Yoga for Better Health

The key to happiness is good health. Hence I would suggest you to spend some of your valuable time for maintaining a good health. Good health means all the parts of the body are functioning well. Yoga and Pranayama are means by which you can achieve good health.

Yoga as the name suggests is unity of two existing substances. In this context it is essentially full concentration of the mind over the body parts exercised in yoga posture.

What is Yoga Posture?

Comfortably positioning of the body in some specific posture and holding it. All the yoga postures must be practiced with joy and concentration to get the maximum benefit.

Hence it is strongly advised that if someone feels discomfort or pain in any posture, he or she must stop
immediately doing that particular yoga posture. Although yoga postures for different parts of the body are different, all the system of the body is benefited by it and one feels at ease at the completion of yoga postures. Millions and millions of cells that make up our body need constant nourishment and repair. Yoga not only nourishes the tissues and cells but also tones up the whole body systems and helps proper blood circulation and removal of waste products. Regular practice of yoga keeps joints and spine supple, strong and flexible. As in present days people are busy and do not have sufficient time to do lengthy and difficult exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

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