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The Dailget mobile app is an investment management tool for our investors.

Version0.0.2 (2)
DeveloperShukul Group
CategoryApps, Finance

The Dailget mobile application is an investment management tool meant for Dailyget unit investors. The Dailyget Unit plan is for investors who want to earn maximum daily profits on their financial investments and in addition, earn some income through referrals. The app is very user-friendly, feature-loaded with easy navigation to make it a complete investment management tool.
Profile Dashboard- The Dailyget app has an easy registration process including KYC verification for investors with a complete individual profile dashboard. The dashboard is used for profile management and investors can view their invested units, wallet balance and other details from this section.
Safe Payment- The payment for investment and add-on is safe and secure through the Dailyget app.
Investment Management- This Dailyget mobile app has a complete profit and investment management system through a series of wallets like the DNV wallet, unit wallet and maturity wallet. Get information regarding the units deposited, daily profits and maturity amount through the app.
Profit withdrawal- The daily profit withdrawal process is made simple and fast with this Dailyget app. The amount in the DNV wallet can be withdrawn any time through a simple withdrawal request.
Daily Updates- The app has provisions for daily DNV updates so that users get to know their daily profits. The DNV history for the specified time period can also be viewed here.
Sales Payout- This section has details about the sales payout complete with information about the hierarchical position, total monthly payout for a specified time period and other related details.
With the Dailyget app, it is easy to check your investment status from anywhere, anytime. Manage your investment from your mobile including adding/withdrawing units, profit & maturity amount withdrawal, and managing payout. Keep a real-time track of your transactions on the go.
Download the Dailyget app to experience a delightful investment management experience!

Email: info@dailygetplan.com

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