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Aug 29, 2023
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DAK.GG for ER:BS is a mobile application for Eternal Returns: Black Survival players.
Find player stats and plans on mobile!

■ Leaderboards
Find out top player list on live!
Don't miss their matchlist and item trees.

■ Masters
Do you want to know how to win?
Masters shows player list, who plays specific character many times and has great rank tier.
Discover their skill and item builds.

■ Search Player Stats
Track match history of Famous streamer, friends, or you!
Only one you needed is just a player's nickname.

■ Bookmark Players
Typing nicknames every times waste your time.
If you have some player (including yourself) to see frequently,
Use bookmark feature and make your own player list.

■ Character Stats
Characters' pickrate, winrate, and avg. rank helps you to select OP characters.

■ Food and Drinks
You may cook different types of food at Lumia Island.
Check the list and compare which one is more delicious and effective!

■ Search Saved Plans
You can search mostly used or shared plans not ingame.
And it's possible to hide plans of players who are in low tiers.

■ Plan Generator
For the people who want to make a plan without playing game,
DAKGG serves online plan maker! You can save and share it.

■ Bookmark Plans
You can bookmark Plans as well.
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