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How does valgus deformity of the foot manifest itself and how is it dangerous

The primary deformity, which is characteristic in the early stages, causes only a slight swelling in the area of the joint of the big toe. Over time, the altered tissues thicken, and often the early manifestations of halus valgus are mistaken for an ordinary corn or corneal. Pay attention to such seals first of all should be women after 30 years, who prefer high-heeled shoes (above 7 cm) with a narrowed toe.

Those who wear flat shoes are also at risk of developing pathology. Any deviation from the optimal angle of elevation of the foot is a favorable ground for the progress of hallux valgus.

If you ignore the first manifestations of the disease, gradually calluses will form on the plantar part of the foot. At this stage, pain begins when walking. The friction of the fingers changing their natural position causes discomfort.

It is no longer possible to walk in the usual shoes of your size, since the front part of the foot becomes much wider. Over time, a protruding bone ("bump") appears at the base of the first finger. As it grows, there are pains in the foot, swelling, and the remaining fingers are noticeably deformed.

Further progress of the disease can trigger joint changes throughout the body. Unfortunately, the deformities of the joints are irreversible, but the doctors who lead the reception in our clinic will help slow down the pathological process and recommend methods by which you can avoid serious complications.

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