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this is misty forest at night live wallpaper

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feel and watch the ray of moonlight illuminate forest at night on your android screen. misty forest at night is a scenery live wallpaper featuring retina wallpapers of rays of moonlight illuminate mist rising frosty ground amongst silhouetted trees at night. get this live wallpaper forest weather and wallpaper forest hd now. cloud forest, also called montane rainforest, vegetation of tropical mountainous regions in which the rainfall is often heavy and persistent condensation occurs because of cooling of moisture-laden air currents deflected upward by the mountains. the trees in a cloud forest are typically short and crooked. mosses, climbing ferns, lichens, and epiphytes (air plants, such as orchids) form thick blankets on the trunks and branches of the trees. begonias, ferns, and many other herbaceous plants may grow to exceptionally large size in clearings. a forest of extremely stunted moss-covered trees that occurs in tropical or temperate mountainous regions is sometimes known as an elfin woodland. this photography wallpapers and firefly forest picture. the process of forming clouds takes several steps.

first, water evaporates off the sea or land surface, forming a warm mass of air. next, the air mass is carried by winds until it strikes the side of the mountain. as the wind forces the mass of air and water vapor up the side of the mountain, it cools, and the water vapor begins to condense, forming water droplets that appear as clouds. since they are almost always covered in clouds, tropical montane cloud forests have very unique climate conditions. this affects the plants and animals living in the forest and the ecosystem as a whole. fantasy wallpapers. tropical montane cloud forests are home to an incredible number of plant and animal species. in monteverde, costa rica alone, there are approximately 750 tree species, and this number will likely grow as rare new species are discovered. in comparison, all of north america (north of mexico) has approximately 1000 tree species. many tropical montane cloud forests have high rates of endemism (species that don't occur anywhere else). many people are afraid of forests. according to a survey, nearly 18% people admitted to the fear of dark wooded areas while 41% reported that they would not want to venture alone or spend a night in a forest hd. to an extent, the fear of forests at night is also more common in women than in men.

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