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Apr 1, 2023
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Dark Season : Last Hunting GAME

It's a game that you can enjoy with very basic controls, such as shooting and dodging.
However, the more you play, the more there is to explore.
The lightly added roguelike elements create different situations every time.

A world occupied by darkness after the disappearance of the god of light.
You are the Hunter who will defeat the King of the Abyss.
You are the Hunter who will defeat the King of the Abyss. But be careful! The Dark Season is a world of intense and tense shooting action.
Everything is already prepared! All you need now are the blessed fingers of a Hunter!

Game Features

All you need now is one finger and quick judgment.
Various attacks, skills, and sub-weapons can be executed simply without additional buttons.
However, how effectively you use them is entirely up to you.
The skill hidden in simple controls will make the game more enjoyable to play.

A combination of various Hunters and randomly generated secondary weapons.
As you progress in the game, you will acquire more and more Hunters.
Additionally, sub-weapons and skills will become unlocked.
You choose which hunter to start hunting with, I'll leave the rest to chance.

A new monster experience every time you play.
There are a lot of traps and monsters prepared for the Dark Season.
You will encounter new monsters almost every stage."
We've added a variety of attack patterns to ensure that we meet your expectations.
I didn't want to miss the small pleasure of opening the monster information one by one.


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