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Parody the voice of Darth Vader of Star Wars movie fame - Ringtone Maker

BEST voice changer to modify your voice to sound like Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Record and then play with voice modification ! Set RINGTONE. Share audio files via Email or Skype, or send to Audio file editor/Ringtone editor app. Share our link (no audio yet) with Facebook, Twitter friends ! Visit a Star Wars fan club or convention like Comic Con, show off a custom ringtone audio effect, or change your friends' voices to the former Jedi Knight !

Parents and kids can record a fun Darth Vader impression ! Adjust - Voice Depth and change to (5) for kids. Reviewers suggest male-to-male cable to connect headphone jack to play on HiFi audio equipment. Connect to your public address system to make a Darth Vader speech for best effect ! Keep volume low initially !

No real-time voice modification (megaphone) feature in the app (maybe later). That would allow use with a Darth Vader helmet.

COPYRIGHT and FAIR USE - This app does NOT use any copyrighted audio. Background image DOES bear a resemblance to Darth Vader - if copyright owner feels this is not within the ambit of "fair use" for a parody app, we may have to change the graphic of the Sith Lord to a more unrecognizable image. Darth Vader, Yoda are owned by Lucas Arts, now a part of Disney.

PARODY app - modify audio file soundtrack for Star Wars parody video on YouTube OR accurate VOICE IMPRESSION for Star Wars video on Facebook or Vine.

SING Karaoke as Darth (he's good) - try singing Karaoke as Bane (impossible ?). Fast change between Darth / Bane voice modification with a button press onscreen ! Or create a YouTube video of Bane in conversation with Vader.

COSPLAY (costume play) or SCI-FI movie fans of Star Wars now can sound like Darth Vader ! Listen to our 5-star reviews !

SOUNDBOARD - NO soundboard included, but Soundboard button on main screen will run ANY app (Menu-Soundboard to select one of your installed apps). We do not advocate violation of copyright content. It's USE as a REFERENCE (feedback for improving parody effect or voice impression) MAY OR MAY NOT fall within FAIR USE.

Watch DVD of the Star Wars movies - listen and practice the voice effect ! Improve your VOICE ACTING skills - try to speak like JAMES EARL JONES. Use ADJUST button to set Voice Depth: set (-1) if you have a deep voice, (5) if you are a kid.

Click LIVE button - speak and the former Jedi Knight will reply back with voice modification effects ! Use in quiet places. For noisy places, reduce microphone volume sensitivity: click Problems - Audio Source - Raw and speak closer to microphone. For a volume boost, use Adjust - Volume Boost.

Currently no separate breathing sound button, but app WILL convert your attempt at the breathing sound into an ACCURATE rendition of the Sith Lord breathing sound. This allows you to create a variety of breathing sounds instead of just a pre-determined one.

FREE FILE MANAGER - Menu - Folder shows record.wav (Record/Play), recordlive.wav (LIVE) files. DarthTalk folder contains audio files you have saved, and every audio file you have shared or e-mailed. We use the OPEN SOURCE and FREE OI File Manager app by - you will be sent to Google Play to download it when needed.


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Of the 1000s of android models, some will have recording issues. Menu - Sample Rate to 16000Hz may help. Menu - Email Us - rate us for our response to your issues !

If you use this app for public performance or comic book fan convention (like Comic Con), please let us know of the response !