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Das VERBARIUM 14000+ German Verbs in Colour -


Learn German through its verbs.

Verbs are the central part of any language, especially German where they share the same basic blocks with all other words.

With Das Verbarium the building blocks are presented in colour. The regular parts are in unobtrusive gray and green. The letter 't' characteristic of the endings of regular past tenses is of a more distinct blue. Phonetic alterations are of a more prominent brown. Irregular endings and prefixes are of a brighter yellow. Stem alterations are given in slanted magenta letters. Rare or unexpected, out of the ordinary stems are navy blue. Separable and inseparable prefixes are recognisable by their respective colours too.

All that there is to know about German verbs and their conjugation is "explained" by colours.

Look up any conjugated or derivative form of the 14000+ verbs in the Das Verbarium collection.
In response you will get the verb (or verbs sharing that form), its English translation, references to
other verbs with the same stem or similar conjugation patterns.

The Verbarium to verbs and words is what the herbarium is to herbs and leaves - a colourful collection of
common and rare specimens. Regularly fill your eyes with them in the collection and soon the ability to discern their shapes and colours in real life becomes a second nature.

Developing such "feeling of words" into an automatic habit, not mere knowledge of grammatical rules, is what it takes to speak and understand a foreign language.

Das Verbarium has been developed to become an electronic companion to those travelling to German speaking countries or virtually travelling into the world of the German language through books, songs or films.

Try to enter *any* German word. Chances are there's a verb or verb forms related to it. And if so, Das Verbarium will display the verb, or verbs, and highlight the relevant verb forms.

What's New

DEMO. 200+ German verbs. Offline.
Search form autocomplete. Search English translations.
All conjugated forms are presented in the Verbs in Colour format for fast learning.

Graphically presented grammatical concepts:
• regular vs. irregular endings
• strong/defective verb stem alterations
• sein vs. haben vs. sein + haben vs. haben + sein
• sich (Akk.) vs. sich (Dat.)

Derivative verb forms are recognised and the corresponding verbs are displayed (e,g., "Bauungen", "gelassenem" and many more).

Email: info@dasverbarium.com

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