DataExplorer APK

The DataExplorer enables mobile analysis of log data related to model sport

Version1.4.5 (20210118)
UpdatedJan 18, 2021 (2 days ago)
DeveloperWinfried Bruegmann
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With DataEplorer you are able to analyse your log data mobile. It is not a must, but most of the supported file formats are coming from logging devices or telemetry log files generated by radio controlled model sports. Import data log files is supported from already loaded files from your local device storage, extended local storage, cloud storage and USB attached storage. If the device writing log files to a SD-Card it can be attached right away if your mobile device is supporting this.

Data curves can be displayed and configured. Data set comment can be edited to note important events. In case of GPS coordinates availability the corresponding track can be draw using different backgrounds. Curve and maps view allow zooming and a lot of personalisation and configuration. A short help instructions will explain the main functions.

The DataExplorer for Android version is constrained to a single data set in respect of the lower overall resource power provided by mobile computers, like smartphone or tablets. Saved OSD-files can be exchanged between DataExplorer versions. National languages English, Frensh and German are actually available.

Actual supported import data are coming from following devices:
DataVario (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
DataVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
FlightRecorder (Multiplex) telemetry data logger
Futaba-Telemetry (Robbe/Futaba) telemetry data analyze
GPS-Logger (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, multi measurement device
GPS-Logger2 (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, multi measurement device
GPS-Logger3 (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, multi measurement device
GPXAdapter GPS Exchange Format file analyzer, extensions prepared for Mikrokopter
HoTTAdapter2/3 (Graupner) receiver-, vario-, GPS-, GAM-, EAM-, ESC-sensor module telemetry data
HoTTViewer (Graupner) telemetry data gathered by HoTT Viewer or HoTT Viewer2
iCharger X6 (Junsi) load of CSV charge curves
iCharger X8 (Junsi) load of CSV charge curves
iCharger 308DUO (Junsi) load of CSV charge curves
iCharger 406DUO (Junsi) load of CSV charge curves
iCharger 4010DUO (Junsi) load of CSV charge curves
IGCAdapter (OnLine Contest/International Gliding Commission) file analyzer
IISI Cockpit V2 (Isler) telemetry data analyze
JetiAdapter (Jeti, Jeti-Box) multi sensor telemetry data log
JLog2 (SM-Modellbau) - Kontronik Jive/Castle motor driver logger
Kosmik (Kontronik) motor driver analyze
LinkVario (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
LinkVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
NMEA-Adapter (diverse) - GPS track analyzer
Picolario2 (Renschler) - variometer
S32/JLog3 (R2Prototyping) - ESC analyzer
UniLog2 (SM-Modellbau) multi measurement device

More log file import support is under construction. Please ask if yours is not in the list.

What's New

update HoTTAdapter2 handling missing GPS values
correct some scale synchronization references

Email: winfried.bruegmann@gmail.com

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