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NameDay Count APK
Version2.6.0 (52)
UpdatedJan 25, 2021
DeveloperRachel Brook
CategoryApps, Tools

Updated - What's New

New Habit tracking feature!
Never miss moments that matter.

DayCount® allows you to easily create countdowns and countups.
Never forget a birthday, an appointment or to call someone you love.
Track your habits and streaks.

Day Count. App

Countdown app, Birthday reminder, Habit tracker

DayCount ® allows you to easily create countdowns and countups. Perfect to use as a birthday reminder, count the days until Christmas, track an habit, know when you called your Mother, know when to water the plants etc...

DayCount is the perfect countdown app. Users can have unlimited countdowns and countup as well. It's an elegant and efficient "how many days until" calculator.

** Birthday Reminder
It's an excellent Birthday reminder as well. With the birthday countdown, users can countdown the days until the birthday easily and never miss out the opportunity to make a gift. It can also be a birthday reminder for your own birthday.

** Event tracker
It answers questions such as :
How many days until Christmas?
How many days until Halloween?
How many days until Spring?
This great date counter gives you all the answers in your pocket. You just create the event "Christmas" and it will count the days until Chritsmas.
You can setup day counters for any event.

** NEW : Count Up.
Users can count the days since a special event.
How many days since I called my mum ?
How many days since I watered the plants ?
How many days since I ate meat ?
The Countup feature is used mainly for staying in touch with the people you're close.
User also create countups for daily tasks, such as cleaning, wahsing the dishes, taking out the trash.

You can refresh the countup in 1s.

** Couples : keep track of the important dates.
- Countdown the days until your anniversary
- Celebrate your first date
- birthday reminder for your partner

** Pets
Countdowns and countups for pet care :
- How many days since you brushed the cat
- When was the last dog walk ?
- Next Vet appointment
- Day counter for any important event concerning your pet.

The app is very simple. You create an event in 2 seconds and it will start the countdown or countup depending on the situation. Soon it will be possible to add reccurrency to the event. The counter of days is beautiful and intuitive, if you're tired of counting down the days, you'll enjoy this.
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