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Aktuelle Version

NameCharge Alarm APK
Version1.3.1 (18)
Aktualisiert03. Okt. 2018
EntwicklerMobile Tower
KategorieApps, Tools

Charge Alarm App

Vermeiden Sie eine schwache Batterie, schützen Sie die Batterie vor Überladung und zeigen Sie die Ladezeit an!

Battery overcharging can be harmful to battery.
It can reduce the lifespan of your battery and make your battery percentage not accurate.

To protect your battery from overcharging, you should unplug your phone after the battery is done charging.

With Charge Alarm, you don't have to worry again about leaving your phone while the phone is being charged. The Charge Alarm will play alarm sound to notify you when your battery is fully charging.

Estimated charging time
Charge Alarm will notify you when your phone battery is done charging.

Custom alarm
You can choose any alarm sound that you want and set the volume.

Custom alarm level
You can set custom battery level for alarm (e.g. 100%, 90%, 80% etc).

Battery status and temperature
Display health, charging status, voltage, and temperature of your battery.

Disable/Enable Alarm
with this feature, you can disable Charge Alarm and enable it again.

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