Cognitive Class (Previously Big Data University) APK

Cognitive Class (Previously Big Data University)


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Aktuelle Version

NameBig Data University APK
Version1.2 (3)
Aktualisiert06. Aug. 2016
EntwicklerSycamore Symphonies Corp.
KategorieApps, Lernen

Cognitive Class (Previously Big Data University) App

Learn Big Daten und Daten Wissenschaft durch kostenlose Kurse mit praktischen Übungen.

Learn big data and data science through online courses by IBM. Free courses with hands-on exercises for you to learn Spark, Hadoop, Python, R, Scala, NoSQL, SQL, Data Visualization etc.

Big Data University learners feel bit complication going through a browser because of the lack of an official Android app for Big Data University. So, being a naive Android developer, I developed this app for a good purpose thinking it would help everyone.

About the app, it redirects the user to the official URL using Android Web View Framework through an internal browser.

The user needs to know that this is not an official app and the app is developed on the developer's own interest.

The content in the app is completely owned by BigDataUniversity and it is just a simplified tool to redirect the user to the URL.

The app displays ads to fund the development and maintenance for the Android application.
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