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NameCooking Sushi Maker APK
Version8.0.16 (16)
Aktualisiert21. Okt. 2021
EntwicklerGina Star
KategorieApps, Unterhaltung

Cooking Sushi Maker App

Befolgen Sie die Schritte, um das Kochen von gutem Sushi zu beenden und uns zu zeigen.

Sushi is more and more popular now. It is easy taking and has different taste to meet different customers’ requirements. If you also like Sushi, then come to help this Sushi maker to cook Sushi. This Sushi shop has good selling everyday. Follow our steps to finish cooking different types of Sushi. Enjoy this process during cooking time. Show us your nice cooking Sushi at last.

1. Steam the rice firstly.
2. Make the rice to small pieces.
3. Put the small pieces rice in the model
4. Use the sea sedge to pack the rice
5. Add some ingredients on the Sushi
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