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Aktuelle Version

Version2.2.1 (23)
Aktualisiert20. Okt. 2016
EntwicklerAXGs Studio
KategorieSpiele, Arcade

Deadroom Spiel

Good luck making it out of these rooms alive ...

Deadroom is an addictive game of skill with a dark story that keeps you hooked for hours. You're lost in a labyrinth world full of deadly traps. If you want to make it out of here alive, you have to avoid all the obstacles without worrying too much about your own death.

Gameplay is as simple as it is fun, since your only goal is to reach the other side of the screen to get out the door, avoiding everything you find along the way. Although the idea is simple, escaping from the room isn't easy. You need to watch out for killer knives, spikes on the floor and walls, enormous jumps, and out-of-control lasers.

Each level in Deadroom is unique, so you always face a new challenge every time you play. Every time you die, your blood splatters all over the screen, so you start the level out knowing the most deadly areas where you've already died. When you pass the level, you can see how many times you died, giving you a number to beat and try to die fewer times.
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