Es ist ein Action-Spiel, in dem verschiedene Dinosaurier-Roboter gegeneinander antreten.


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Dino Robot Battle Field: War GAME

In Dino Battlefield, various dinosaurs Robot belonging to Dino World appear.
Fight countless battles that will shake the world with your own DinoRobot!
Constantly challenge your enemies and gain battle experience to grow stronger! They will obey you.

In addition, you can get a new DinoRobot or upgrade an existing DinoRobot with a dinosaur capsule with powerful energy.
In the Dino World, except for certain DinoRobots, they were created, assembled, and combined based on data that appeared in the Triassic to Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of the Mesozoic era.

They are dinosaur Robot specialized in battle with excellent genes and shapes.
The theropod T-Rex based T-Rex Red and Terminator T-Rex are predators
that subdue their opponents with their massive body and powerful jaws, while the Raptor based Velociraptor is a hunter who preys on their prey with unique agility. Mammals, the Smilodon and the Mammoth, each threaten their enemies with their sharp teeth and massive weight.
Also, the pterosaur based Pteranodons and Ramphorhynchus watch and attack enemies from the skies.

Besides that, a variety of powerful DinoRobots are waiting for you to choose.
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