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Egyptoball : An Ancient Magic Ball 3D GAME

You are a treasure seeker. A gold hunter. An Ancient papyrus told you about the lost temples and tombs that hide overwhelming riches, and about an ancient magic weapon, "The Egyptoball".The egyptoball will trail the way for you and help to gather the treasures. In the temples, you can find some of the forgotten magic elements that together with the egyptoball can activate antique spells. But you will be able to see all the secrets only when you collect all the keys of anubis that will open the doors to the pharaoh treasures.

About the Game:
Egyptoball : An Ancient Magic ball is a 3d block breaker/brick breaker game presented by miano studio.
1. Leader&Achievement Available
2. Simple Left Right Touch control
3. Easy to Play
4. 3d Game
5. Totally free game
6. Coming soon Updates

How to play:
Playing egyptoball is very simple. Just start game, select your temple and you are good to play.

How to control the pad/bat/paddle:
1. Move the paddle/bat left right by tapping on the two sides of your mobile screen with your two thumbs.
How to launch the ball:
1. Thumbs up/release yor finger to launch the ball.
Game play:
The ball hits the boxes/bricks and the bricks breaks. There are different types of bricks which can be break differently.
Some bricks breaks in one collision, some in two and some are in three.
Some bricks can be break through a specific direction/side and some can be break by explosion occurs by vase.

Anyway, this is a fun and entertaining 3d game. The graphics and images are based on ancient greek/egypt culture.
and are collected from social source "The Internet".
Have fun playing this 3d version of block breaker/brick breaker game.

Make a high score and be on the top on leader board.
Make progress and achieve achievements and feel proud.
Share with your friend and play all day long.
Remember, you are a brick breaker. You are a block breaker. There is nothing you can't break.
So break those bricks, collect those magic elements of egypts, and release the power full spells.
We will be with you.
Just keep playing this board type arcade game.
You can play it.
Feel free to give us your feedback. It really matters a lot.
Let's play treasure seeker.
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