In Fake Call erhalten Sie die beste Weg, um einen Anruf zu simulieren finden


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In fake call will find the best fake phone call, you can share with friends, family and the love of your life.

Choose the moment that best suits what you want to convey in the fake call app.


Free You can download application free.
Speed It is fully optimized for all the application run smoothly.
Quick Navigation Everything is intuitively positioned so you can customize the application as most want.
Language The application is 100% in your language, forget about those applications that are in languages ​​other than yours, you will find everything here in your language.
Compatible This application is compatible with phones and tablets (responsive and material design); also works with different versions of Android, you will not have to worry about anything, the application will adapt to your device to give you the best experience.


► With this application you can share sentences with the message that you like, as it could be: "fake caller id number" or "schedule fake call".
► Constantly adding features, from time to time we send an update, so feel free to update and always keep you abreast with the best.
► We hope you like the application, if there is anything you think could be improved, feel free to leave a comment or send an email; and if you liked how it works you can qualify us so we can always keep working to offer the best.
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