FitCycle - Weight Loss Workouts & Fitness Habits APK

FitCycle - Weight Loss Workouts & Fitness Habits


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NameFitCycle APK
Version1.5.2 (52)
Aktualisiert26. Nov. 2021
EntwicklerFitCycle Team
KategorieApps, Gesundheit & Fitness

FitCycle - Weight Loss Workouts & Fitness Habits App

FitCycle bietet effektive Workouts, mit denen Sie in nur 30 Tagen Gewicht verlieren können.

You will get better health, not just better weight with FitCycle! ✨

If you’ve ever wondered how to get fit, healthy, and lose weight with minimal effort, look no further. FitCycle is your all-in-one solution by building healthy habits and routines in your life.

It features three parts – workouts, diet and fitness habits – all defined by simplicity, effectiveness and personalization.



● Large variety of at-home exercises for weight loss
● Body-toning fitness programs for all trouble zones
● 30 days fitness challenges to keep your motivation high
● Upcoming AR challenge to gamify fitness tasks


● Intermittent fasting with customized week plans
● Upcoming delicious recipes with prep time and number of calories
● Meal plan collections to benefit your training


● Water tracker and step counter to track your daily goals
● Wide range of walking plans for everyone
● Upcoming meditation & sleep function to calm anxieties

FitCycle provides an effective, wide range of workouts, the right diet and fitness habits to help you see better me within 30 days.

FitCycle is a fitness app that aims to develop good habits and a healthy lifestyle for female by providing
- Daily Fitness Challenge: workouts takes 6-12 minutes
- 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge: 30 days weight loss plan
- Anytime Workouts: no-equipment routines
- Personal FitCoach: detailed instructions & audio guidance
- Health Advisor: water reminder & body fasting guide
- Calorie counter: workouts, walking, and intermittent fasting records

Start a new lifestyle with FitCycle to be betterme!

⌚Daily fitness challenge - absolutely fits you if you’ are struggling to squeeze your time for long exercises. Workouts in Fitcycle vary from 6 minutes to 12 minutes, allowing you to do exercises anytime and anywhere — a morning exercise, a work time break, or even before going to bed. These short workouts will definitely motivate you to be more productive and have higher energy.

📆30 Days weight loss challenge - is designed for the person who wants to lose weight and get a beachbody within 30 days. All the workouts are designed to maximize the weight loss effect and your body function. FitCycle helps you make weight loss training easier and faster. Every drop of your sweat counts!

💧Healthy Habits: Water Tracker, Intermittent Fasting Guide & Walking Plan
Start to develop a healthy lifestyle with FitCycle!
Drink the right amount of water, refuse to eat junk foods, eat more healthy diets and take more walks…FitCycle will help you develop a healthy lifestyle, increase your energy levels, and be more focused starting from drinking water or taking some walks per day.

💁Your health advisor: calorie counter, water tracker & step counter
FitCycle, as your personal health advisor, provides you with calorie reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It tracks the water intake & sends proper notifications to remind you to drink water. It also tracks your step data. With all these health reports, you will make a healthy difference and see how far you've come.

💪Take an unexpected journey and learn to build habits that stick.
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