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Men Media Entertainment Networks Private Limited, Bengaluru. Has launched India’s 1st digital content platform beneath the brand Freedom TV India (FTI) called Freedom TV.
Freedom TV – The Power of People.
Freedom TV is an India’s 1st UGC (User Generated Content) and OTT (Over-The-Top) in the history of digital content platform. The Content can be accessible anywhere, anytime, and on every device.
Freedom TV World’s Largest and only digital content platform. With a digital content platform powered by expert writer-editors across the country and the globe, Freedom TV has a competitive edge in breaking views on real-time news in both article and video format. With a strong focus on politics, sport, business, technology and entertainment, education it has now transformed its image from a niche portal to a more youthful, social, opinion-led destination, with considerable strength in social and shareable content.
Freedom TV provides Live News Updates, Political News, Live Cricket Scores, Limitless Entertainment, Kids Oriented Animations and Information, Lifestyle Trends, Movies, Music, Sports Information’s and Spiritual contents for the users in both text with image and video format. All of this can be accessed in fingertip which can be accessible anywhere and anytime and on every device.
Freedom TV App is available in languages as follows:
Freedom TV-Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ)
Freedom TV-English
Freedom TV-Hindi (हिन्दी)
Freedom TV-Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Freedom TV-Tamil (தமிழ்)
Freedom TV-Telugu (తెలుగు)
What’s more exciting in this application:
Freedom TV-OTT (Over-The-Top): Freedom TV, India’s 1st OTT digital content platform which is available in 195 countries covering Live TV, Political News, General and Business News, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Events many more. Freedom TV can be seen in:
1. Android-Play store.
2. IOS Apple- App store.
3. Web
4. Amazon Fire TV.
5. Google chrome cast.
6. Roku TV.
7. Smart TV’s (Android TV’s, Apple TV’s).

Citizen-Reporter: As the tag line states that, The Power of People, Freedom TV provides a privilege called Citizen-Reporter to the Citizens to raise their voice towards the issues and many more, where Citizens can upload the News, Photos and Videos. Anywhere, anytime, and on every device. Here Citizens also acts like a journalist.

Freedom TV will make an effort to put the issues towards government, that the citizens have given, which will help to solve the problem.

Freedom TV-Reporter: Freedom TV-Reporter will covering live Events, Political Events, and Live Telecast. Across the country and the globe.

Trending News: Freedom TV will serve the latest News coverage on all categories, Live Coverage, Political Events, Telecasting Government Programmes, Business Events, Spiritual and many more.

One to One Interviews: Freedom TV provides On to one interviews with Politicians, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and many more.

Freedom TV Provides Movie Promotions, Audio Releasing Events, Promo Launching, Movie Success Meet and many more.

Debates: Freedom TV Provides debates on Political issues, Public Issues, Students, others daily on going issues, Real Estate and many more.

Trending Images and Videos: If you need a smile, and a moment to wind down from your busy schedule, check out our app, the best of trending videos, funny pics, images and many more.

Freedom TV Platform: Freedom TV will Provide Platform to Original web-series. Short Movies, Serials, Drama, Movies etc.

Share: Freedom TV allows citizens to share the interested News and Videos through a major social media like Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Talk to the media: Freedom TV will provide the option for the citizen to talk back to the media by giving likes, dislikes and comments on a particular article or content.

Notifications: Freedom TV will present the Push Notification regarding latest uploads, Notifications regarding Subscribed languages and categories.
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