Clean up your phone & gallery by instantly identifying similar & bad photos.


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Gallery Doctor - Photo Cleaner APP

Clean up your phone and free up valuable storage with Gallery Doctor, the fastest growing photo cleaner that instantly identifies the bad & similar photos in your Android gallery

What can Gallery Doctor do you for you?
Free up to 35% of your device storage by automatically identifying and cleaning the bad & similar photos clogging your photo gallery.

Review and keep the photos you want, clean up and delete the ones you don’t. Gallery Doctor has helped users free up to a third of their storage, all on the first-time use! You won’t be needing another photo cleaner after you’ve tried Gallery Doctor!

Why do I need Gallery Doctor?
Users have on average 2GB worth of bad & similar photos that are taking up valuable storage on their phone and in their Android gallery. That means you need a simple yet effective photo cleaner app to do all the hard work for you and identify immediately the photos you need to clean up.

So, instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of photos to find and clean your unwanted photos, Gallery Doctor saves you time by identifying them immediately. It's the perfect photo cleaner for Android that allows you to easily free up storage and easily organize your photo gallery.

Not convinced? Gallery Doctor can help you clean up your gallery in 3 easy steps:

1 - Automatically identify unwanted photos
• Blurry shots
• Dark photos
• Photos with poor quality
• Similar photos
• Gallery Doctor even identifies your boring shots!

2 - Review the photos you want to keep
• You decide what to clean - Swipe left to delete or right to keep.
• Smarter over time - Gallery Doctor learns which photos you don’t like and gets smarter based on which photos you keep or clean.

3 - Clean up your Android gallery & organize your photos
• Organize your photos - Clean out the duplicates and the bad photos so you can make room for the good stuff.
• Storage & Photo manager - make more room for favorite apps!

Your privacy is important to us! Gallery Doctor does not store nor share any of your photos.

For more help, contact us at

How does Gallery Doctor work?
Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner using a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to instantly identify your unwanted photos.

Based on which photos you decide to clean up or keep, Gallery Doctor gets smarter and learns which photos you don’t like. This allows Gallery Doctor to provide an even quicker and easier experience when it comes to organizing and managing unwanted photos on your phone - perfect for those looking to easily keep their photo gallery clean and organized.

Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner that actually gets to know you.

Can Gallery Doctor boost my phone’s speed and performance?

Aside from being a cleaner, Gallery Doctor can be used as a speed booster as well. Users cleaning their phones with Gallery Doctor have optimized their storage and saved an average of 2GB on their devices - all on the first-time use! This helps to speed up your Android device, clean storage, and improve your phones overall performance. Gallery Doctor is an all-in-one photo cleaner, storage, photo, and gallery organizer, and speed booster.

How often should I use Gallery Doctor?
Keep Gallery Doctor around to perform weekly, or even daily check-ups on on your gallery! It’s the easiest way to clean up your photo gallery & device storage.

Gallery Doctor is the only photo cleaner that will continue to notify if you've taken any bad photos, so you can always keep your phone clean with just a tap. The gallery in your Android device will thank you!
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