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GiPiES is a general purpose navigator developed for Android platform. Designed to make domestic use easy of your cell phone GPS, giving great utilities for the monitoring of the navigation.
GiPiES gives you many useful functions:

1.Navigation to routes calculated by the software for driving and walking
2.Automatic route recalculation (By Google Maps)
3.Navigation to a point directly
4.Navigation without specific destination
5.Traffic view
6.Compass indicating the Bearing to the next point on the route
7.Real time information during navigation
8.Area and distance Calculation
9.Manually drawn Routes and Point of Interest
10.Where am I? Function
11.Alarms for specific zones
12.Voice assistance
13.Multiple configuration for on-screen information
... and more

This version of GiPiES is free and is available in English and Spanish.
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