Kampf der Mädchen ist beängstigend mehr als Männer. Männer sind die Get Out.


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Girl Group Fight Online GAME

Recluse master fighters, welcome to the “Girl Group Fight Online”.
Join this true-to-life multi-play gang fight with global users in real time.

★★★★★ This game is relief the stress of women
★★★★★ A true-to-life women group fight that you can’t afford in real life
★★★★★ Forget about skills like Taekweondo, kickboxing and Kungfu. A pre-emptive strike matters!
★★★★★ The best multi-play Girl group fight game ever!
★★★★★ “Girl Group Fight Online” ace is the real women fighter

● A real-time multi-play true-to-life women group fight.
● Unlimited capability level upgrades (striking power/striking speed/defensive power/fitness)
● Fight rating system
● Supported in 141 countries 
● Real-time chats with global users (almost all languages are supported.)

★Girl Group Fight Online Strength 7.

No matter how much you fight !!
1. You won't get hurt
2. Nobody can request you for settlement money
3. the police won’t come
4. Your parents & loved ones wouldn't know about your violence
5. Your boyfriend doesn’t hate you
6. You don't need to go and see the principal
7. No gangs will offer you to join

Feeling stressed out with studying, finding jobs and boredom?  Bust your stress with ‘Girl Group Fight Online!

-Men are not allowed to download the game!
-This is a game for the stress relief only! The real fight is not recommended.
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