Horror In the Phone: Scary Prank APK

Horror In the Phone: Scary Prank


Scare your friends and family through various scary options of this scary app


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Horror In the Phone: Scary Prank App

If you play a scare prank with your friends and family want to show him that your phone has been affected by some evil soul then install this application. This application has various options to scare your friend and family members.

If you want that scare horror picture with screaming sound and animation appear at a specific time on phone then choose the scare on time option, Here the horror moving picture with scary screaming sound will appear at that particular time that will definitely scare your friend at that time.
If you want your friend be scared when is going to use his mobile then go to “scare on screen touch” option. Here the user when will touch the phone screen the scary horror picture will appear on screen.

If you want to scare your friend when he attend the call and brig the phone close to his ears then go for scare on phone call option. It is one of the best option to scare some one. Just volume up the device and call his friend on that particular number. After attending call when he will bring the phone close to his ears then scary sound with moving picture and device vibration will appear on screen.

If your friend has kept his phone on table you want whenever he hold the phone in hand, he should get scared then choose the “On Phone Move” option in application after setting horror time, image and sound keep the phone table, after your selected time the horror will become active on application. So when your friend will carry the phone in hand he will get scared from this horror animation and scary sound.

This application has very awesome scary feature, scary on apps. Here you select the applications on the launch you wanna show the horror and launch the horror, when the particular user try to launch any of the selected application, the horror suddenly appeared on screen to scare the users.
This application can be helpful to keep away the kids from addicted games and application, jut select the game or application from the give list in application and launch the horror. When the kid will try to launch that particular app or game the horror will appear on screen that will help the kid to keep away from that application or game.

So through this application you can scare your friends and family members in various different actions.
Whenever your friend try to do any action on your phone he will get scare, so he will feel like his phone has been caught by some evil so. That suddenly appear whenever I try to perform any action in phone that give it perfect name, horror in phone.

This application is just built for entertainment purpose only, If you like this application then support us by given good review on play store. If you find any bug and suggestions for improvement give us feedback , your feed back will be highly appreciated.
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