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Version1.1.0 (10)
Aktualisiert28. Okt. 2020
KategorieApps, Effizienz

HRSB One App

HRSB Apps ist der einzige Ort, an dem HRSB-Mitarbeiter mit allen Aktivitäten Schritt halten können

HRSB Apps is the single place for HRSB staff to keep up with all the activities that is related to the company and work. This system consist of 5 main modules which are:

Human Resource (HR)
o this system will integrate with the HR system (SmartPay & Smart TMS)
o user can view their own payslip
o user can monitor the time of clock-in & clock-out of the thumbprint
o meeting room booking
o vehicle booking
o claim process
o apply leave

- Operation
o Operation modules will be highly focused on monitoring every progress of HRSB project
o The system will allow the Head of Work (HOW) and Head of Task (HOT) to assign the work team and task team respectively. This is to ensure every documentation regarding the project and the project progress is effectively stored in the system

o IMS : contain all HSEQ related documentation (eg: Quality Documentation, Environmental Documentation & Safety Documentation)
o Incident Report Summary : the summarization of the incident report for HSEQ personnel
o Man Hours Listing Summary : the summarization of total man hours of HRSB working staff
o Program Listing Summary : the summarization of total program listing
o Internal Audit : for the purpose of internal audit, the auditor can submit the findings into the system and the findings submitted will be directed to the respective auditee for them to do the corrective action and close the findings

- Procurement
o this system allow the GP personnel to submit the details of the tender and proposal along with the current status of the tender and proposal
o this to ensure the effectiveness of the tender reporting and proposal tracking

- IT
o Ticket : a ticketing system which cover every aspect of IT problem that the user might encounter
o Asset : for the IT personnel to store every assets detail related to IT
o Knowledge based : contains a list of documentations that is related to IT content
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