Diese App ermöglicht es Ihnen, die aktuellen Daten der Bilder zu bearbeiten.


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Image Date Editor App

The date data of images
"The photos that saved from SNS or chat",
"The images that restored by "Restore Image"",
"The photos and the pictures that saved from the image editor app"
You mind those date data, don't you?
You might have a sense of discomfort when the images sorted by date.
This app solves the problem.

Specializing in date edit!
- When you enter the date, you can check other date of images.
- You can end the work speedily without useless operation.

Input date with calendar system!
- You can input if you remember only day of the week like "last Friday".

Corresponding to JPG and PNG format!
- This corresponds the extension other than JPG format.
- This updates Exif information in the case of JPG format.

Free tool!
- You can use all of the functions in free without paying.

How to use
1. Select the image.
2. Enter the date.
3. Tap the save button.

Easy operation without useless!
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