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Intelligent Salesman App

"Now from the comfort of your device ..'Never lose sight of your sales team's Daily Route Planning, their in-field movements, and their impact to the Sales Funnel'"
What is the core functionality of the app?
The app tracks the in-field movements (actual vs planned route) for each Sales person, allows him to update the inquiry status directly while in-field, and hence keeps track of impact to the Sales funnel for each inquiry

How does the app make a difference ?
- The app is GPS enabled, and hence can track in real time the movements of the Sales person.
- The Sales person uploads his Daily Route Plan into the app, clicks on "Start Route", and the app starts streaming his movements to a central server
- The Sales head can see on his laptop, the real time movements of each Sales person, the deviation from the Planned Route, order taken, progression down the Sales funnel for each Inquiry, new Inquiries etc
- Sales reps directly update the Inquiry status from the field
- Issues on reconciling travel expense is a thing of the past. The app tracks the exact distance traveled

The app has been developed by industry professionals each with over 20 years' corporate global experience with blue chip companies. Their vision is to
bring their collective experience in making technology, managing sales, and building predictive mathematical models .. to create a "sales optimization technology" which
provides immediate visibility to each and every aspect of your Sales process. The app is a critical part of that technology.
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