IppoPay - Accept payment via Invoice Software APK

IppoPay - Accept payment via Invoice Software


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Version1.0.7 (9)
Aktualisiert09. Juni 2020
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IppoPay - Accept payment via Invoice Software App

Ippo Pay - Kostenlose Rechnungen, Payment Link Generator, Freelancer Payments in Indien.

• IppoPay is a payment aggregator for businesses that collect and accept payments from their customers

• We provide technology for businesses to accept payments via online and offline business to accept card payment using our POS software

• We target small business, freelancers, homepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and people who do business in tier2, tier3 & rural areas


• Tire2, tire3 areas of Tamil Nadu are not focused for both online and offline payment by payment aggregators

• Language barrier- a major issue

• Though API was given, still face difficulties in hiring developers to integrate payment gateways

• Though digitization plays a vital role, still most of the retail stores are not payment facility enable/ developed

• Freelancers still face difficulties in accepting the payments- need to pay for invoice software


• IppoPay target direct business people, direct merchants and make them to accept payments without any technical knowledge, website using IppoPay

• No worries about the language as we support all kinds of regional languages

• We IppoPay opening a new market segment targeting tire2, tire3 areas of Tamil Nadu, covering the entire Tamil Nadu and slowly we are expanding our business to Kerala and thus transforming the regions into payment facilities enabled

• Tremendous innovation by making each & every physical store payment facility enabled

• We solve the problem of freelancers by providing invoice software with quotation, performer & invoice where the software is completely free

Products of IppoPay


• Today, a lot of freelancers still manage payment details on excel sheets

• They have to pay for invoice software like zoho

• No other payment aggregator (Saas based company) in India provides proper invoice software with quotation, performer & invoice

• We, IppoPay provide invoice software with quotation, performer & invoice where the software is completely free & accept payments by enabling the payment option

Payment Link

• IppoPay helps home service jobs individuals like carpenter, plumber, electrician etc. to get paid instantly with the help of our merchant app at free of cost.

• Cash or Google Pay plays a major role in accepting the payments for the above cases

• Using IppoPay, they can send a payment link & get paid

• Payment link can be sent via an email, SMS, messenger to his client just by creating an account with IppoPay and get paid via that link.

Social Commerce

• Nowadays homepreneurs are growing rapidly- Selling their products via social media

• Though there are platforms like Shopify for selling the products online still they need little knowledge to set payment gateways etc

• To sell products online need slight knowledge to set payment gateways etc

• Showcase and sell products easily using our Social commerce platform and pay only when customers pay


• As payment companies provides only API, small scale business people find hard to install, update, develop and maintain it

• Local business persons like milk vendors, newspaper boys, and chit fund employers may need to collect payments in person

• They may find hard and this takes too much of time

• IppoPay helps them in accepting the payment using subscription where they can create plans and get paid within few minutes.
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