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Aktuelle Version

NameKavi Escape Games 144 APK
Version1.1.19 (1001019)
Aktualisiert26. Juli 2020
EntwicklerKavi Games
KategorieSpiele, Geduldsspiele

Kavi Escape Games 144 Spiel

Kavi Escape Games 144 Als neue Art von Escape-Spiel.

Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game ,Run Forrest, run! I will hold them of. Oh, no. They captured him. Please help me save Forrest the dog from the hand of these hunters. His cage is somewhere in this Forrest. They must have gone somewhere, as I can't see them anywhere. Good, they left him unattended. Still, it will be hard to get Forrest out of there. We have to solve a bunch of puzzles to open the cage. What's up with these swimbelts? Are they hunters and pirates at the same time? No... It has to mean something else. We must solve this before the hunters come back. Hurry!
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