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Aktuelle Version

NameMaths Loops + APK
Version1.3.1 (31)
Aktualisiert02. Okt. 2021
EntwicklerLearning Loops
KategorieApps, Tools

Maths Loops + App

Zusätzlich & Subtraction Arbeitsblatt, mit der Hand!<br>Spalte Addition und Subtraktion.

Practise column additions and subtractions with Maths Loops +
With and without carrying or borrowing.

Handwrite the numbers, one by one, as if it was a real paper worksheet. Even better: You can use the whole pad to write each number!

Maths Loops + will identify and check your numbers as you handwrite them. It will highlight your mistakes as you are solving the exercise. It will show and correct up to two mistakes in each addition or subtraction. One more mistake... and you have to start it over ;)

Three increasing difficulty levels and over 1200 pages with exercises.

With / without carrying. Different carry / borrow types.

You have three "lifes": one for each correction. After three errors you have to restart the current addition or subtraction exercise.

Each page solved uncovers a piece of an impressive animal's picture.

Enjoy and learn !
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