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NameMindset APK
Version2.1.1 (1904)
Aktualisiert02. Dez. 2021
EntwicklerDIVE Studios
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MINDSET by DIVE Studios App

Stellen wir uns den Komplexitäten des Zusammenlebens.

Listen to moving, untold stories from your favorite artists and celebrities.

Behind every famous face is a unique story that can inspire and impact your own. Welcome to Mindset, a platform dedicated to delivering exclusive, intimate audio collections of personal stories and life lessons from your favorite stars.
Each artist’s audio Collection is packed with honest and revealing autobiographical stories that cover the experiences we all share as humans. From detailed narratives about the highs and lows of life to personal journeys with mental health, Mindset Collections are the most intimate form of content from your favorite artists and celebrities.

Listen anytime, anywhere.

Start listening for FREE. Purchase Collections to gain access to immersive and deeply personal audio Collections, empowering and empathetic Boosters, and a slew of fun and inspiring features that will accompany you on your life journey. Connect with your favorite artists in ways you’ve never done before and join the Mindset community.
Each episode features incredibly honest and personal stories of successes, failures and realizations in life, love, career and everything else in between.

- Beautiful audio Collections crafted by your favorite artists for their biggest fans and audiences
- Hours of incredible life stories in each of your favorite artists’ Collections
- Text transcripts for each episode so you can read along as you listen
- FREE Boosters - created to encourage and motivate you in any season of life
- FREE Daily Quotes from your favorite artists and notable figures to inspire you every day
- Access to an interactive global community of like-minded listeners and fans who care about the same things you do
- Exclusive insights and stories to your favorite artists, their lives, and their approaches to life

More Exciting Features and Incredible Artists Coming Soon!

Topics range from mental and physical health, successes and failures, to morals, values, love, life hacks and more:
- Real conversations about topics like love, money, eating disorders, sexuality, friendships, family and more
- Exclusive stories on the rise to fame and its effects on mental health
- Staying in tune with your emotions and the voice inside your head
- Tips on challenging yourself to reach important milestones and life goals
- How to hold onto yourself when the world seems to fall apart
- The secret to going from sticking out to being outstanding
- Overcoming the internal negativity that holds you back
- Tips for dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety and exhaustion
- How to break free from “never being enough”
- Conquering the most difficult moments in life
- How to block out the haters and do YOU
- Taking on the bullies and blockers in life
- The importance of being intentional
- Dealing with loss and trauma
- Overcoming struggles
- Finding happiness
- Living a fulfilling life
- Managing relationships

Mindset is your chance to get close and personal with your favorite artists and celebrities. Think of it as a mini-album of authentic moments, packed with incredible stories, tips, tricks and strategies to help you in your life.

Are you in?
Download Mindset now to get started.
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