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NameMiradore Online client APK
Version2.9.1 (334)
Aktualisiert27. Sep. 2021
KategorieApps, Büro

Miradore Online client App

Miradore Online Mobile Device Management

The Miradore Online client is an app for use in conjunction with Miradore Online, a mobile device management (MDM) service for companies and IT service providers.

What you can do remotely with Miradore Online:

- Get detailed inventory information on your mobile devices
- Set restrictions on device usage
- Configure device settings
- Monitor and enforce device compliance
- Deploy applications
- Control application usage with application whitelisting and blacklisting
- Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices
- Track the location of devices on a map
- Create a secure container for work data and separate private apps from business apps

Instructions for managing devices with Miradore Online:

- Click “Get started” at www.miradore.com to register in the MDM service.
- Create a new site and agree to the Terms of Service.
- Enroll your device(s) in the MDM service.
- Start managing the devices remotely.


This is an app intended for enterprise use only and is not a standalone app for consumer use.

For more information on the Miradore Online MDM service, please visit: www.miradore.com/mobile-device-management/
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