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Namen4to7 Observe APK
Version19.11.242 (81911242)
Aktualisiert25. Nov. 2019
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n4to7 Observe App

n4to7 Observe allows the teacher to observe student responses

n4to7 Observe

n4to7 Observe is a tool to support the classroom teacher. In conjunction with "n4to7 Workpad" it allows the teacher to observe responses to classwork exercises.

n4to7 Observe supports the teacher by;

- providing the ability to observe student responses to questions made using the n4to7 Workpad. This allow the teacher to verify that the lesson has been understood or if additional teaching is required and in what specific skill area for each individual student

- providing a comprehensive tree structured summary of the mathematics curriculum for years 4 to 7. It provides from high to low level skill descriptions with examples of questions that apply to the skill.

- providing a list a exercises to complement typical classroom teaching objectives. The exercises are filtered by year and subject area

- including the ability to generate a typical random set of questions that apply to each of the lessons. This can be used by the teacher to provide example work to the class before setting the exercise. It ensures the exercises you set the class always matches the material taught.

About n4to7 Observe

The 'Observe' panel allow the teacher to filter responses. A single skill can be filtered to review all the responses to that skill. A single student can be selected to review that students responses. A single exercise can be filtered (different students can be responding to different exercise) to review a single exercise.

It contains thousands of questions and up to 30 unique questions for for each low level skill

It uses Local area network WiFi. N4to7 Observe and the n4to7 apps must connect to the same WiFi.

No registration required just download and start using, its free.

Questions that refer to measurements will use the metric system.


n4to7 Observe is a provided free.
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