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Ninja Pop GAME

Ninja Pop!
Appemistry brings you Ninja Pop (formerly known as Shuriken Control)! Guide your Shuriken popping the balloons as you go! Make sure none of the green balloons get to the end whilst avoiding the reds!

The Master Ninja wants you to pop all the green balloons without letting them get to the end. This is the test of your lifetime! And it only gets harder! The Master Ninja really pushes your skill as he raises wooden platforms and black holes that will make your Shuriken get stuck and be pulled off it's path.

Use your points to unlock special balloons that can help you defeat the tricks of the Master Ninja!

Show the Master Ninja what you have got!

32 different balloon patterns that will always keep you on your toes!
4 different special balloons that you can unlock with points from the game!
4 different wooden plank patterns, they increase in difficulty the longer the game!

******* Note *******
On startup, it will ask for your device type, phone or tablet - This is only used to ensure the accelerometer values that are gathered are interpreted properly.

This app uses ads requiring the internet, anyone on their mobile network should be aware this may use some of your internet usage.

How to play:

- Tilt your screen to accelerate the Shuriken in that direction
- Use the Shuriken to pop the balloons, you can't let the green balloons get to the end, dodge the reds! Nearly all greens will have reds close by, be careful!

- Normal balloons
* Green = points (hit them close together to get bonus points)
* Red = loss of life

- Special balloons (can be unlocked with points gathered)
* Blue = slows down all balloons
* Yellow = destroys all balloons on screen
* Orange = Gives Shuriken the ability to smash through the wooden planks for a short period
* Black = Makes black holes not only suck you in, but the green balloons as well!

Any problems or bugs? Email them or visit the page dedicated for Appemistry! I will try to fix any known issues as quickly as possible. I can only fix them though if I know about them.

Programming, graphics: N. Hely.
Testing: M. Becker.
Background music: "Dark Warriors" - author: Sephiroth~{DW} - The website for the author does not work for me.
The address for the music / link to author is at

Key words: Ninja Pop Ninja Shuriken control throw ninja shuriken throw ninja slice balloons fun casual
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