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Version2.0 (2)
Aktualisiert25. Okt. 2020
EntwicklerThe Elegant X Games
KategorieSpiele, Simulation

Rocket Landing Simulator: A Rocket Lander Game Spiel

Stellen Sie die erste Stufe einer Rakete wieder her und versuchen Sie, so reibungslos wie möglich zu landen. 🚀

This space rocket landing simulator has some amazing features that makes it one of the most fun and exciting rocket ship games. If you are looking for a space shuttle flight simulator or rocket game 3d that features a smooth gameplay and amazing environments, then Rocket Landing Simulator: A Rocket Lander Game is for you.

This is one of those rocket ship games that provides a lot of fun for crazy rocket game fans, and safe landing rocket game lovers. If you are into space lunch games, or spaceflight simulator games, or rocket survival games, then this rocket rocket lander game is going to make you really happy.
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The Gameplay:

This space shuttle simulator is a pure rocket lander or rocket survival game where you need to ensure the safe landing of your space shuttle. If you are familiar with landing games such as lunar landing simulator, then you should get the idea. You will have a rocket about to land on the landing pad, and you need to ensure the safe landing by controlling it. You'd have to control its fuel consumption and floating pattern so that it lands perfectly and doesn't crush. It is similar to the launch simulator where you have to control the speed and direct its way, only in this space shuttle simulator, you'd need to help it land instead of initiating a space flight. There is one button to control the fuel consumption, and two buttons to direct the rocket left and right. It's a fairly easy controlling system so that you can concentrate on the actual challenge, which is help the rocket to land safely.

Key Features: 🚀

This 3D rocket game comes with a number of great features that will make any rocket launcher games or rocket lander games fan happy. What follows is some of those key features. Take a look before you enjoy the actual game.

Simple control, great gameplay:

Basically, this space flight rocket game has only 3 buttons to control the rocket, so that you can concentrate more on actually controlling the space shuttle and save it from disaster. The controlling is fairly easy and you don't need to be an expert in rocket science to play this game, however, that doesn't mean this space shuttle flight simulator is not challenging. You'd have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel consumption and speed, as well as the direction change to make the rocket land safely. This is one of those space ship landing games, that provides you with fun with an easy control, and the excitement of challenge with a challenging task.

Topnotch animation and sound:

If you are into spaceflight simulator games that features animation that is really close to reality, then this rocket survival safe landing game will delight you big time. You will find some amazing realistic rockets trying to land on some stunning locations. The colors and objects are vivid and detailed and it will make the gaming experience even more delightful. The sound effects are also very realistic and it will give you a feel of real rocket landing. The sound of fuel burning, the rocket engine, and blast will make you feel like controlling a real space ship. So, if you were looking for 3D rocket games that have great animation and sound, you should try this one.

Multiple viewing angles:

If you are searching for space rocket games that feature some really interesting viewing angles for the gamer, then this rocket simulator is perfect for you. You can see the rocket from the top view, and multiple side views.

Amazing locations and rockets:

Play this rocket landing game in amazing locations like the ocean, desert, and oasis. Win rewards and buy new cool rockets to have more fun as you move forward with this space shuttle simulator.
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