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Second Space: Launcher APP

Second Space: Launcher - fast, lightweight and clean launcher for Android phones.Play with Wallpapers, Add Hide Apps, Change Hide App Design, Double Tap to Lock Screen and Try Second Space!!!.

What Launcher is Second Space???
You could ask second space is not like that.Yes, you're right the main purpose is that you can create Second Space in Settings and Hide your private apps for First Space or Second Space.The difference of hiding in First Space and Second Space is, if you want to hide your apps and also want to hide your Settings that you can use Second Space, no one can customize your Settings except you.If you want to hide only apps you can use First Space only.Second Space doesn't have Settings, you can't customize Second Space: Launcher's Settings in Second Space.You can only customize your Settings only in First Space.If the user want to switch Second Space from First Space, the user must pass the user authentication to switch.Thus, you can easily make private your apps from unknown users.So, it's sound like second space.I'm trying to build similar feature of second space.Most people use Second Space feature for hide their apps from unknown users of their phone.So I start with these feature.

Second Space - Set password to make Second Space, and Hide your apps in Second Space to 0% access from unknown users.Second Space doesn't have Settings.You should change to Second Space and then give your mobile to unknown users.They can't find your hidden apps and Settings also.If you would like to change something in Settings, you could go to First Space and then you can find Settings in First Space.

Wallpaper - You can set any wallpaper of your own.

Personalization - You can add-remove Apps in Home Screen.

Search - Search and go fast to your apps.

Hide App - Keep your apps private, create Second Space and make your apps full private.

Settings - Setting, it's for First Space.You can change Name and Icon of the Settings app of the Second Space: Launcher.So other people wouldn't know where is your hiding place easily.Click Second Space to show Second Space's Settings.

Space Switch Button - When you created Second Space, Space Switch Button will appear in bottom right of the Home Screen.You can change the button position to do long press and drag wherever you want to move.You can also blur the switch button in setting.

No Ads - Ads in Launcher is very annoying.

If you have some problem or confuse on usage of the Second Space: Launcher, you could send me mail anytime.
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