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NameSPC World Express APK
Version3.0.6 (306)
Aktualisiert05. Okt. 2021
EntwicklerSPC World Express Ltd.
KategorieApps, Büro

SPC World Express Ltd. App

Eine Welt Eine Familie!

SPC World Express Ltd. an online based e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. We believe in good service. With our platform, we provide a manufacturer to customer direct product delivery which helps the user to get a product with the least price than normal. As we are providing no middle man cost like the seller, buyer, exporter, importer, etc.

Our main features are,

1. Cost-free service
2. Direct product delivery from the manufacturer to the customer.
3. Secure delivery system.
4. Hassle-free customer service.
5. Simple purchase method
6. Genuine product at a low price.
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