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Talking Imran Khan – PTI App

Talking Imran is an Android App, which is a representation of political leader of one of the famous political party Pakistan Politics, Imran Khan. Imran khan is the leader who bring panama leaks dharna and protest against Nawaz Sharif panama leaks corruption. It is made for those lovers and supporters of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), who follow and listen to their leader keenly. So, those who want to keep motivated regarding the philosophy and ideology of Imran Khan, this app offers the complete package for them.
Talking Imran khan application consists of many cartoonish characters of great leader Imran khan which you will see dancing with stunning animation, singing Imran Khan songs and speaking famous dialogs with naught catch phrases.

Pakistan currently facing a lot of internal and external problems, the peoples of Pakistan especially the young generation thinks only the Imran khan is political leader than can solve all these problems. Now the PTI is celebrating the victory of “GO NAWAZ GO” in to “Gone Nawaz Gone”. Support Imran Khan in establishing naya Pakistan and corruption free pakistan, enhance the enthusiasm for KPK and all Pakistan with true change. Talking Imran khan is great platform for PTI lovers and fans to interact with their great leader, You speak with Imran khan and Imran will repeat your voice, you will feel as if you are talking with Imran khan. So if are a true supporter of Imran Khan and happy with “mujhe kyun nikala” dialogue then surely this kaptaan talking Imran Khan is surely for you.

When the talking Imran apps starts a famous , corruption free personality welcomes you with attractive slogan. There is an option menu with various options like select and play song, select speech, select slogan. Record the sound and play the recorded sound. On playing the song the cartoonish character of Imran khan dace with smooth animation The Imran Khan PTI also speaks the famous dialogues like “Go Nawaz Go” and “Mujhe kyun Niakal” of IK which the dancing graphics of political cartoon.
Key Feature:
- Smooth animation with attractive UI and HD graphics for talking Imran
- Record your voice and Imran khan will repeat it.
- Multiple PTI songs
- Political cartoon with many catchphrases
- Stunning KPK backgrounds and effects
- Gracefully dancing and singing of Imran khan on various songs

Famous Songs:

-Waya Waya

-Tabdeeli A Gai Hay Yaro

-Khan De Naray Wajnay Ne

-InshaAllah Naya Pakistan

-Ja Nawaz Ja Nawaz

-Jitna Vi Imran Khan Jitna

-Kyon Nikala Mujhay

-Rok Saku To Rok Lo

-Leader Hamara Khan Hay

-Loki Kehnday Chor Aya

-Go Nawaz Go

Famous Slogans

-Mian Sab Jaan Deo

-Go Nawaz Go

-Gali Gali main Shor hay

-Imran Khan Zindabad

-Aye Aye PTI

Famous Speeches:

- Pakistan Bheik Nai Mangay Ga

- Kamyabi Wo Deta Hay

- Kal Ka Record Totnay Wala Hay

-Pakistan Is Liaye Nechay Hay

- Sucessful People are Fearless

- Faisla Ho GA
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