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Town Hall 9 Base Layout APP

This is an Offline app that contains the COCC Base Map from City Hall 1 to City Hall 11 with 4 War, Trophy, Hybrid and Farming categories.
This app will help you build a strong defense map for battle base, defensive cup base, strong hybrid base to protect looting and trophies and the best farm base map to boost and protect your loot. It contains the latest air broom and base air defense map.

It also contains the latest and best COC base maps from 2016 and 2017.

Features ::
★ Strong Defense War Layout
★ Best Defensive Trophy basic layout
★ Hybrid layout is strong and attractive
★ Amazing farming base map
★ Easy to use user interface
★ Can zoom in / out any basic layout
★ Best Best Layout for all city hall level th1, th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 and th11

Why do you wait completely FREE, Build a strong COC village and share with your friends !!!

This application can be run offline.
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