Turtle Puzzle: Brain Puzzle Games APK

Turtle Puzzle: Brain Puzzle Games


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Aktuelle Version

NameTurtle Puzzle APK
Version1.304 (58)
Aktualisiert20. Okt. 2021
KategorieSpiele, Geduldsspiele

Turtle Puzzle: Brain Puzzle Games Spiel

Turtle puzzle is a new puzzle game! The most addicting game and much fun.

The rule is simple and fun. You need to move the turtle to the place where there is gold.

💧 Tab the turtle to make it move or stop.
💧 Press red buttons, levers or switch levers.
💧 Move platforms (stone, brick, ...) and activate other machines to solve puzzles.

💧 Turtle puzzle is good for players of all ages and skills.
💧 Design is simple and organic.
💧 More than 100 Skins.
💧 The puzzles are perfect suitable for your kids and for adults of your family and also for playing together.
💧 Once you start, you can't stop it!
💧 It's so fun, you will simply love it!
💧 No time to get bored with more than 500 levels!
💧 New levels are available every week!
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