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اردو ٹیکسٹو کو مفت ڈاونلوڈ کریں ۔اور اپنے موبائل میں حود ہی بہترین فیس بوک پوسٹیں،ٹویٹر،انسٹاگرام پوسٹس ڈیزائن کریں۔اسکےعلاوہ اپ لطییفے، اسلامی حکایات،ایات،احادیث، خوبصورت پینافلیکس، بینرز،اشتہارات، اپنی تصاویر پر اردو لکھنا،اور ان جیسے اور بہترین ڈیزائن اپ اردو ٹیکسٹو میں بننا سکتے ہیں ۔اردو ٹیکسٹو آپ کو ڈیزائننگ کیلئے بہترین ٹولز فراہم کرتاہے تو آج ہی اس بہترین ایپلی کیشن کو ڈاونلوڈ کرے۔اور اپنے کام کو آسان کریں ۔
urdu texto 2020 is one of the best app because of its lot's of features.It has a lot of amazig and interesting features, you can make beautiful urdu posts with Urdu text and Urdu Keyboard 2020, it contains own urdu keyboard with both urdu and english languages, you can write funny urdu jokes, poetry, news, important updates, jokes,quranic verses and hadiths, quotes, political news, pti posts, pmln posts and much more with this beautiful urdu keyboard.urdu text and photext have many options to beautify your urdu posts, Islamic posts, shairi posts, poetry post and urdu quotes post.Urdu Texto contains many stylish and handsome urdu writing fonts like Urdu Naskh, Nasta'liq, Nafees Web Naskh, Jameel Noori Nastaleeq, Alvi Nastaleeq, Pak Nastaleeq, Fajer Noori Nastaleeq, Urdu Naskh asiatype and many more.The world best urdu newspapers using these fonts, some of which are BBC Urdu,News and other Pakistani and Indian newspapers.Urdu texto is the best and easy source for all urdu typing or speaking lovers or urdu speaking typing keyboard to write urdu posts.
With urdu texto 2020 you are not limited only to write post in Urdu with urdu keyboard 2020, but it also has much more function like you will find here beautiful stickers(general stickers, love stickers, heading stickers, flowers stickers etc ), islamic stickers, beautiful photo frames and collage maker designs, you can also add stickers from the gallery, handsome background template for urdu writing,you can also make your own color for background from a rich color library,or select background from gallery and adjust with adjustable tools awesome tools and main Cropping tools.
Urdu texto has a very awesome cropping tool function, you able to crop your photo eighter by hand or with many shaps.
Some basic Features Includes:
* Urdu and English keyboard 2020.
* copy and past options.
* A huge collection of beautiful and stylish stickers like love stickers, flower stickers, general stickers.
* You can also select a sticker from the gallery.
* apply your own photo sticker and create a post like Pinaflex, Urdu banners, election pinaflex, party pinaflex,PTI,PML-N,jui,PPP and other parties pin flex.
also, you can make posts for Ramazan, according to fasting, prayers, and prayers times.
Design your own.
Eid cards.
Pakistan independance day banners.
Pakistani flags on face banners.
independace day photo editing with urdu keyboard.
ramadan greetings cards.
ramazan recipes with pics.
Wedding Invitations cards.
Urdu Collages Making.
Urdu Pamphlets.
urdu and english YouTube.
YouTube Channel Art.
Birthday Invitations cards with urdu keyboard.
Graduation Invitations cards.
Urdu Party Invitations card editing.
YouTube Thumbnails.
urdu Cards.
urdu Postcards.
stylish Facebook Covers.
stylish Tumblr Banners.
urdu Save the Dates.
urdu Thank You Cards.
urdu Covers.
urdu Album Covers.
beautiful Urdu Book Covers.
Urdu beautiful Magazine Covers.
you can also write urdu articles and urdu recipes, Ramazan recipes cooking with urdu texto in urdu.
* add frames.
* add Photo to post.
* Cropping Tools.
* You can share the work on social sites.
So download and enjoy latest features of urdu texto 2020.
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