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Aktuelle Version

NameLön Anställd APK
Version3.0.2 (243)
Aktualisiert02. Okt. 2021
EntwicklerVisma Software International AS
KategorieApps, Büro

Visma Lön Anställd App

Sehen Sie Ihre Gehaltsabrechnungen auf Ihrem Handy. Eine App für Unternehmen, die Visma Lön nutzen.

With the Visma Lön Anställd app you can see your payslips straight in your mobile phone. The app can be used by those who have the Visma Lön Anställd or Visma Min Lön services. If you're using Visma Min Lön, the app has the same functionality as the web service. This means that you'll be able to view your balances and payslips in the app, but you cannot register time.

App features:

• Clock in and out as you go and submit periods in the calendar.
• A clear summary of your holiday and comp time balances.
• Notifications when you receive new payslips
• View your latest payslip and detailed payslips from the past two years.
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