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Walmart GNFR Lieferantenservice-Quittungseintrag


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Walmart - Service Receipts App

The Walmart - Service Receipts App, powered by Direct Commerce (DCI), enables your business to submit Service Receipts electronically and view statuses on your mobile device.

After you deliver goods or services to a Walmart store, you can use the Walmart - Service Receipts App to submit a Service Receipt to a Walmart Store Approver for approval. Your business can later link the Service Receipt to an invoice sent to Walmart as proof of services or goods delivery.

Using the App is simple. Just download the App to your mobile device and enter the credentials you received from your Accounts Receivable Administrator. Once in the App you’ll be able to view instructions for how to create a Service Receipt and submit it for approval.

Don’t have login credentials? Contact your Accounts Receivable Administrator to enable you in the system. After they enable you, you’ll receive an email with login credentials.

Need more support? No problem. This App is powered by Direct Commerce. You can contact Direct Commerce for support at
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