Ändern Sie Ihre IP-Adresse, um Websites zu entsperren, privat zu surfen und anonym zu bleiben.


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Change your IP to unblock websites, browse privately and stay anonymous for free

WebSurf HUB is a free VPN proxy app that ensures private browsing by changing your IP address and encrypting your connections.

Use our free VPN proxy app to get:

Enhanced digital privacy 🔐

To enjoy unlimited and private browsing, pick one of our free VPN proxy servers from 3 regions. If you subscribe to our Premium Service, you'll have an unlimited selection from 10+ regions.

Establishing a secure connection to one of WebSurf HUB proxy servers will hide your real IP address, ensure your privacy online, and make it look like you’re from somewhere else.

Websites can no longer see who’s hiding behind that VPN shield which makes you anonymous online. You hide your browsing activity not only from websites but from other third parties as well.

Increased online security ⚔️

WebSurf HUB will secure your connections and ensure unlimited, private browsing on public WiFi hotspots. Using a public WiFi network is risky. Our free VPN app will secure you and ensure safe and private browsing.

Geo-restricted website access 🛫

Pick one of the secure and free proxies–using our VPN connection will change your IP address so it looks like you’re browsing from a different region.

Firewall bypassing 🔨

It’s a common practise to block websites at school or work WiFi. After connecting to Express VPN app you’ll be able to go around these limits. Choose a VPN server that can hide your real location and try accessing the site with your new IP address.

Also, some countries apply heavy limitations online. Luckily, using our VPN proxy servers can help you bypass these limitations by changing your IP address and allowing you to access blocked websites.
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