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NameKişiye Özel Diyet APK, Personalized Daily Diet APK
Version2.20 (2028)
Aktualisiert26. Sep. 2021
KategorieApps, Gesundheit & Fitness

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Weight Loss in 28 Days App

Abnehmen mit Personal und gesunder Ernährung in 28 Days

* Individual Special Diet Plans Prepared by Dietitians
* Daily Exercises that You Can Do without any Equipment at Home
* Notifications Reminding You of Meal Times and the Ability of Adjusting the Notifications Hours
* Alternative Food List that You Can Change the Food You do not Like in Your Diet Plan
* Graphic Display that You Can Track Your Weight Change
* Ideal Weight Calculation Screen
* Different Diet Plans regarding Eating Habits (All Foods, Mostly Plant Based)

* If you want to lose weight with your own diet list and look for weight loss app, you are in the right place. Try the one of the best lose weight apps.

* You can find your special diet plan by entering weight, height, age, gender, eating habit information. So lose weight with your own diet plan.

* You will find hundreds of special diet plans prepared by expert dieticians according to your eating habits, age, gender, ideal weight and season that help you to lose weight safe and fast way.

* Special diet plans with adequate and balanced meals set daily for 28 days are available in this Weight Loss application.

*The diets;
-aim to start the day with a strong breakfast,
-include the lunch and evening menus that can be prepared by healthy and natural methods,
-include 3 snacks that increase the metabolism rate.

*The diets have been prepared by expert dieticians to lose weight easily.

* To realize the weight loss effectively, exercises that you can do at home without any equipment easily has been added. Just enjoy it.

*Moreover, the crucial points to be considered during the implementation of the programs have been shared.

* Application includes notifications that remind you of meal times.You can schedule the diet plan according your daily program.

*At the end of the each day you can enter the weight of the relavant day on "Diet Plan" screen by clicking on the "Completed" button so that you can monitor weight loss graphically on the "Graph" screen.

* Those who want to gain weight, we have not forgotten you too. It is now very easy for you to access diet plans that enable to reach your ideal weight in line with the information provided.

*Download Weight Loss in 28 Days now!

Note 1: When the app is installed, only the first week days will be selectable. Do not worry! The days of the following weeks will also be accessible when you click on the relevant button.

Note 2: If you like the app, we politely ask you to rate the app Google Play Store.

Note 3: The app involves "English diet", "Mostly-plant based diets" and "All-food diets".
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