Summer's here! Shark attack game in full 3D fun. Come see how much you can eat.


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Sep 7, 2015

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Deadly Shark Attack GAME

Do you ever get that eerie feeling when you are swimming at your favorite beach? Are you always wondering what might be swimming under your feet? It feels like shark attacks are becoming more and more common. Beach towns never feel safe with so many sharks swimming in the water.

This game lets the player control a Great White Shark. This is one type of shark that has been known to attack people.

--Colorful 3D graphics with epic game play
--Octopus, Dolphin, Orca, People, Sea Turtles included
--4 Huge Bosses to defeat
--The better you hunt, the more meat points you earn
--Use these points to upgrade your Shark's abilities

The goal of the game is to swim around the map and eat things. The game also includes 4 Big Bosses - Giant Octopus, Killer Whale, Sea Turtle, and Dolphin. Enjoy! This game has blood. We hope you like it this animal simulator. Enjoy your summer!

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