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This anime quiz is a tribute to the anime Death Note.

The icon is Ryuk, one of the characters from the anime.


Esse anime quiz é uma homenagem ao anime Death Note.

O ícone é o Ryuk, um dos personagens do anime e shinigami do Kira.


Couldn't download the game? Here are all the questions!

1 - What is the name of Light Yagami's shinigami?
2 - Who is this character?
3 - Who was the man sentenced to death who had to pretend to be L on TV?
4 - The human who uses this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell.
5 - Who is this character?
6 - What is this group?
7 - How was L called by his team?
8 - Who was the first victim dead by Kira?
9 - Who is this character?
10 - Who is Misa's shinigami?
11 - Who is X-Kira?
12 - What is Mello's real name?
13 - Who is talking with L?
14 - Who killed the Third Kira?
15 - Mello did the shinigami eyes deal.
16 - Who was the first FBI member dead by Kira?
17 - Who is this character?
18 - Who was the only human who tasted an apple from shinigami's world?
19 - Who killed L?
20 - How many Shinigamis have appeared in the human world in anime?
21 - Shinigamis are immortal.
22 - Complete: It's because...
23 - What is the price of the shinigami eyes deal?
24 - How many Kira(s) in the anime found the Death Note on the floor?
25 - Who is this character?
26 - Who loves chocolate in the anime?
27 - What is Near's real name?
28 - Who killed the killers who killed the parents of Misa Amane?
29 - How many times Light Yagami did the shinigami eyes deal?
30 - What sport did L and Kira play on Campus?
31 - What is Near's group name?
32 - Who was this character?
33 - In how long does a person die to be having his name written in the Death Note with no specified cause?
34 - Who killed Light Yagami?
35 - Where did L and Kira meet for the first time?
36 - Who killed H. Ukita?
37 - What episode L died?
38 - How many shinigamis died in the anime?
39 - Who is this character?
40 - How does Teru Mikami call Light Yagami?
41 - How was L known (name) in Light Yagami's university?
42 - Who killed Watari?

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